Rosalind Keith

Culturalist Advisor, Trainer, Coach


Rosalind is a veteran expat from Canada. Her expat life began in 1995. She has lived in Singapore, Tokyo, Chicago, Hong Kong and Turkey with her husband, two children and a variety of pets.  Along the way she has reinvented herself in each location, pursuing opportunities to learn about the local culture and to give back to the host country. She repatriated to Canada in the summer of 2015.

She has worked as a volunteer helping new expats acclimatize to life in their new host country.  She also works as a Destination Services Consultant.

Rosalind enjoys exploring and learning about different cultures.  She has been particularly interested in how she, her family and her friends have managed to adapt to the local culture in each country. She has earned a Certificate in Intercultural Studies from University of British Columbia, Canada.

She is an Accredited Associate Integral Life Coach.™

Rosalind holds an Honours BA in Sociology and English from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  She has also earned TESOL Certification from Trinity College in London.

Prior to starting her life as an expat, Rosalind worked as a policy analyst for a major political party in Ontario, Canada; a Research Assistant for the City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and a service assistant and office manager for a financial planner.