Uschi Mirususchi

Culturalist Advisor

Uschi took her IT-business career in a new direction when she moved to Singapore in 2004.  She has a Bachelor in Psychology with Business at SIM University in Singapore, is a Level 2 certified Coach at IECL Australia and  has a certificate as an Intercultural Trainer from the University of Jena in Germany.

Living, studying and working for more than 13 years in Asia opened a very new perspective for Uschi to see and to understand people with different cultural backgrounds. It raised her sensitivity to look closer and not judge people in any way. Curiosity and the joy of working with people from different backgrounds brought her to study intercultural communication and becoming an intercultural trainer.

Uschi worked with young people with special needs who were getting prepared to work in a coffee shop to train them on social competencies and customer services as well as coached students in dragon boat paddling which is a great passion of her.

Uschi lived in Singapore from 2004 to 2008 and is currently based in Hong Kong.