Executive Coach – Educational Psychologist – Director of Culture3Counsel

Lesley Lewis is an executive coach and an educational psychologist. She has been living in Hong Kong for over thirty years. She works in private practice as a personal, couples and family therapist and is a consultant/trainer to private business and government agencies. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Ms. Lewis has lived in Canada and the United States where she was employed as an educator, private therapist and trainer/consultant. She has over thirty five years in the Human Services Field.

Ms. Lewis is the founder of Culture3Counsel Limited. She has much experience in Asia, Europe and North America working with top executives in leading financial services organizations, multinational corporations, and governments including the U.S. Department of State and the Hong Kong SAR. Her specialties encompass executive coaching, leadership/assertiveness training and cross-cultural development with a focus on individuals within the context of organizational development. She is a frequent speaker throughout Asia on cultural issues that affect international executives and is often quoted in leading international publications. In addition, Ms. Lewis teaches graduate courses for a U.S. university.

Executive Coaching for a variety of different leadership teams, investment banks, insurance companies and fast moving consumer goods has been Ms. Lewis’ focal point for the past three decades. She focuses on new leadership transition, high potential talents and seasoned executives moving in to expanded roles. Her knowledge and techniques from organizational development and industrial psychology assist to accelerate growth and development for the individual and inside the organisation. Ms. Lewis brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of Executive Coaching tailoring solutions for the individual and businesses.

Ms. Lewis believes that in all global organizations, there are cross cultural issues which are clearly visible, such as language and humor, or far more subtle, such as coaching, individual work styles and group relationships. To help companies succeed in a multi-cultural environment, she approaches cross-cultural situations by examining the similarities as well as the differences. She works with teams and individuals on perceptions, misunderstandings, cultural systems, cultural experiences, and commonalties. While some call this cultural competence, Ms. Lewis prefers to call it cultural sensitivity and understanding. She customizes the coaching programs to address the needs of the individual clients and the organization. Ms. Lewis is familiar with the unique challenges and experiences global business people encounter and assist them to reach their highest potential. Morgan Stanley, UBS, JP Morgan, ING, Deloitee Touche Tohmatsu, Swiss Reinsurance, L’Oreal, Goldman Sach, ITG (Investment Technology Group) and Societe Generale are a few of the companies where she has conducted executive coaching.

In addition to working with the employees in the organization, Ms. Lewis has done extensive cross-cultural development with families working with the partner/spouse and children. She feels it is an essential ingredient to assist the family members in their adjustment and adaption to a new culture and environment. She has worked with children of all ages for over thirty years in many different capacities. One of her special interests for the last twenty-five years has been “Culture3 Individuals” (“third culture kids”). She has given many talks and workshops in this area and is conducting research on this topic.

Ms. Lewis holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Administration, a Masters of Education (cross-cultural speciality) and a Masters of Educational Psychology.

She is a member of the Hong Kong Coaching Community, WBOC (Women Business Owners Club), ASTD (American Society for Training and Development), Hong Kong Psychological Association, SIETAR, Global Coaches Network and the IWF (International Women Federation), and will soon become a member of APAC (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches).

Affiliations and Memberships

Mentor at The Change School, Singapore

Ms. Lewis is excited by the work The Change School is doing  as they encourage Adult Third Culture Kids and other Global Citizens to embrace change and us it as a force for good.

Ms Lewis works with the Change School on programmes related to Adult Third Culture Kids.  She was a keynote speaker in their inaugural Change School Summit.  For video footage of the summit and Lesley’s presentations click here 

  • ICF – International Coaching Federation
  • IWF – International Women’s Feferation
  • HKICC – Hong Kong International Coaching Community
  • APAC  Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaching
  • AFHK – Adoptive Families of Hong Kong
  • FIGT – Families in Global Transition
  • SIETAR B.C.  – Society for Intercultural Educators, Trainers and Researcher, British Columbia Chapter
  • ASTD – American Society for Training and Development
  • HKU – Hong Kong University Mentorship Program (past)