Kate Lorenz

Culturalist Associate, Trainer


Established entrepreneur and businesswomen with over ten years’ experience in the relocation industry in mainland China.

Having spent her entire life aboard Kate is part of the 3rd Culture Kid phenomenon. Originally born in the UK she moved to Saudi Arabia at 6 weeks old and then Malawi before spending her formative teenage years in Bahrain. After A-Levels Kate relocated to England to study and completed her BA in history and politics at Warwick University. Upon graduation she moved with her now husband to Shanghai to pursue a career in corporate HR training.

In 2005 Kate used her experience as an “expat for life” to set up a relocation company to assist other expatriates with their relocation to China. Her company has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and overseas the assignments to over 23 destinations. Therefore, Kate has extensive experience with managing and communicating with multicultural teams and also virtual team management.

Kate’s cross-cultural training programs are based on her own experience as an expat and profit from her in-depth knowledge of managing and leading a mixed team of Chinese and expatriate staff. Examples and case studies are based on real life experience and assist to create a very hands-on training approach.

Kate Lorenz is British and spends her time between Hong Kong and Shanghai with her German husband and 2 young daughters.