Executive Coaching for a variety of different leadership teams, investment banks, insurance companies and fast moving consumer goods has been Ms. Lewis’ focal point for the past three decades. She focuses on new leadership transition, high potential talents and seasoned executives moving into expanded roles. Her knowledge and techniques from organizational development and industrial psychology assist to accelerate growth and development for the individual and inside the organisation. Ms. Lewis brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of Executive Coaching tailoring solutions for the individual and industries.

In approaching any coaching engagement, Lesley applies a framework that best fits the situation.  In over 30 years, she has discovered and used many models to ensure successful development, shape thinking, build capabilities and produce results.  Her coaching framework includes a focus on solutions and uses different methods including cognitive behavioural, emotional intelligence, story telling and narratives to achieve results.  With her international experience, she works closely with sojourners, expats and locals alike, to produce effective results that are not only applicable to business, but also to personal life balance.

Lesley focuses on the individual’s role within the organization.  Understanding goals and expectations, she works to ensure goal alignment through a series of conversations or interviews.  Gaining an understanding of key success factors for the individual provides a starting point for the coaching engagement and aligning the success factors with the organizational goals ensures that the engagement is successful.  Culture3Counsel looks at every engagement as an opportunity to build a success for the individual and the organization.  Coaching engagements build awareness and insights, allowing the individual and the organization opportunities to grow and learn.

Her coaching is humanistic, supportive and customized to the needs of the client, the team and the organization. Ms. Lewis is familiar with the unique challenges and experiences global business people encounter and assists them to reach their highest potential.

Ms. Lewis has worked for many years with Wealth Owners/Private Wealth Families throughout Asia and other continents.  The families consist of several generations – Generation 1, 2, & 3 and now 4.  She works with multi-generational families in the following areas:

  • the process of examining marriage,
  • divorce,
  • communication,
  • how to resolve conflict,
  • family dynamics
  • issues that circulate around the families

Engaging and Retaining the Whole Family, Approaches for the Family System to be cohesive, Bridging Generations, are just a few of the areas discussed in Family Retreats, Educational Programs Individual Coaching and Counseling and Presentations.  The Psychology of Wealth is a specific theme addressed with the families.

Areas of Expertise


  • Career

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Cross-cultural

  • Decision Making

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Employee Retention

  • Global Mindset

  • Team Coaching

  • Team Leading

  • Time Management

  • Transition

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Women’s Roles

  • Stress Management

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Roles

Coaching Framework


Benefits of Coaching