Adult Third Culture Kids and Cross Cultural Kids are a passion for Lesley.  Ms. Lewis is the mother of two Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCK’s) as well as an educator, mentor, counsellor and life advisor of Cross Cultural Kids (CCKs) and ATCK’s. She has been working with this young group of global people for several decades.  It is an intricate theme for presentations, conferences, writings, curriculum projects, research, coaching and counselling this unique group for Ms. Lewis.

“They traverse across cultures and international boundaries as children and adults”.  As a result, the experience and knowledge they offer in the work place is endless and valuable.

Ms. Lewis’ area of interests when working and mentoring these sojourners includes:

  • Educational settings/curriculum development
  • Multi-national organizations
  • Family counselling and coaching

Ms. Lewis has worked in a many settings in assisting ATCK’s and Cross Cultural

Children and the populations that live, work, educate, socialize and are integrated into their lives.  The stories, narratives and experiences experienced by Ms. Lewis demonstrate an intriguing and unique group that are globalizing the world.



Coming Soon:

You Couldn’t Make It Up – Decades of Time with Adult Third Cultured Kids” is a book Ms. Lewis has been working on and will be published in the near future.  This group connects the dots of a multitude of groups throughout the global arena.  Ms. Lewis has Crossed Global Boundaries in her writing of this population.

Her two Adult TCK sons have been an inspiration and brought much insight to her work.