Lesley Lewis is a practicing counsellor-psychologist and works in a private practice.  Individual, Couples and Family Therapy have been her specialties for several decades.




In approaching any engagement, Lesley Lewis applies a framework that best fits the situation. In over 25 years, she has discovered and used many models from transformational to transitional to incremental, working with clients to adapt a coaching style and models to ensure successful development.



Lesley Lewis is a versitile global culturalist. She embraces the concept that all people bridge cultures in their life and work.  The Cross Cultural programs are designed to assist companies and people to succeed in their global arenas.



Lesley Lewis has been of enormous help to a number of clients I have referred to her over the years. Among others, she is able to provide huge support to individuals and families dealing with difficult situations. As a lawyer working with wealth owners in Asia and around the world, I have found Lesley to be invaluable to families dealing with succession, divorces, new marriages, communication issues and much more. As part of a “holistic” approach to working with families, Lesley is  an invaluable member of the team, and for family retreats and educational programs oriented to wealth owning families, Lesley is an engaging and experienced speaker.
Philip Marcovici
״I have worked with Lesley Lewis and her company Culture3Counsel since the beginning of 2012. Lesley’s knowledge regarding topics related to inter-cultural sensitivity is very deep and as an organization, we have benefitted by applying the knowledge for understanding of day-to-today situations in corporate life.

The consultants are very open-minded and spend quality time in customizing the programmes. We have had a wonderful partnership with Lesley and her team for programmes conducted in Hong kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship in future.״

Mukta Arya, Societe Generale
Lesley Lewis is a positive, inspiring, confident and creative Executive Coach, Educational Psychologist and Counsellor. She has the ability to think “outside the box”, is willing to challenge and question whilst at the same time taking a patient, caring and at times humourous approach with her clients. Always respectful, calm and self-aware when interacting with others, she is conscious of her own limitations, avoids being judgmental and never forgets that we are all human!

Lesley’s extensive professional experience and medical knowledge, which has been developed from practicing in a number of different roles across several countries, allows her to provide meaningful and effective support on many fronts and to work across all settings. Her warm, personable and compassionate manner, coupled with almost three decades of experience in coaching, counseling and cross-cultural work makes her a most valuable expert whether working with individual clients, families or corporations.

John Williamson
I’ve had the great benefit of being coached by Lesley for over 2 years, first as part of a leadership development program at my former company, and continuing as an ongoing relationship at my own request.

Lesley brings the perfect blend of support and challenge to her coaching conversations – she knows when to push and challenge me, yet does so in a way that is not intimidating or overpowering.
She has a lovely way of supporting me, as an individual, while also challenging the behaviours and limiting beliefs I often bring to the coaching discussion.

I have developed as a person and a professional, and the changes I’ve implemented as a result of my conversations with Lesley have been nothing short of life changing. She has helped me to dream, to see possibilities I might have otherwise overlooked, and to develop the courage to take action.

Lesley is a superb coach and counsellor, and I would recommend her to anyone who is keen to change their lives for the better.

Kelly Hutchison, Lyric Ventures Limited
Lesley has been invaluable in guiding and coaching me through big life transitions and her wisdom and support has helped me stayed centered. I am a more self-aware person because of her, and it has helped me in all areas of my life: marriage, career, parenting. Lesley is rare in that she understands “third-culture” children and families very well do to her extensive work in Asia and this sets her apart from the rest. I would recommend Lesley in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for coaching, mentoring or counseling. She is the perfect combination of wisdom, warmth and empathy and she especially understands women and their myriad needs as they transition to become wives, mothers and CEOs!
Executive in Hong Kong
Ms Lewis has an infectious source of energy that is transformed into her thoroughly researched and compelling account of third culture adults. This book provides an insightful account of modern lives throughout the different age groups. Totally engrossing and a must read.
Charles Li
“I have known Lesley for 30 years and have yet to meet anyone with her depth of experience and breadth of expertise with coaching, counseling, and as a culturist. She has a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges associated with being a Third Culture Kid and the impact that experience has on work, family, life. She is deeply committed to supporting individuals, families, teams and companies as they enter, adapt to, or exit new cultures (geographic or employment). She is acutely adept with counseling transition age youth and senior executives alike, and she is extremely well informed on relevant cultural issues across all settings.”
Helen Best, President, Treatment Implementation Collaborative, LLC
I have known Lesley Lewis as both a professional colleague and a friend for over thirty years. When we met she was my supervisor on a crisis line in Seattle WA and I was new to the field. Lesley’s professionalism, range of knowledge and empathetic spirit were all sources of learning and inspiration for me. I can honestly say that her example helped to convinced me that I was on the right professional track. Lesley was largely responsible for my decision to return to school and earn my Master’s degree in the mental health field.

After parting ways professionally we have remained friends over all these years. Despite separations in time and geography she is one of those people with whom I can just pick up the friendship where we left off every time we are reunited. It is Lesley’s caring nature and genuine interest in people and the world, and my great appreciation of those attributes, that continues to cement our friendship.

Michael Roleru
״Lesley is a skilled educator, a trusted confidante, and an unabashed cheerleader for all the good that people have inside of them. She has built up the unique experience of watching a generation of third-culture kids move from immersion to adaptation and onward to parenting their own TCKs. I should know — I am part of that first generation. Over a span of three decades I have watched Lesley deepen her understanding of how cultural contrasts affect people’s lives. What hasn’t changed is her willingness to accept people as they are, something that provides immeasurable comfort to those of us confronting changes that can at times be stressful and bewildering. Lesley brings a wealth of insight to the crossroads of culture and modern lifestyles.״
Rob Govzden
This book, You Couldn’t Make It Up: Decades of Time with Adult Third Cultured Kids captures important stories that reflect an importantand growing aspect of globalisation: 3rd culture adults. These skilled and resourceful human beings build bridges between cultures and countries. They connect the dots for people, businesses and governments Able to belong everywhere and nowhere, their tolerance, curiosity and adaptability hold crucial lessons for all of us, in a shrinking world
Sally Dellow

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